Monday, January 05, 2009

Well it has been another busy day in the world of Icela. My granddaughter Meagan came to visit for the afternoon and did not want to leave. So we went next door to our new property to rake up more leaves. We got the front yard all done and only have the back of the 1/2 acre to do.

My son is coming on Saturday to cut most of the trees on the property line down. on all 3 sides.

My husband and I decided today we are going to tear the house down so a new one can be built some day by my children or grandchildren. We really only bought the property for the land and did not want the house. We are too old to be landlords and really don't care to have tenants living next door to us. Sooner or later we will have a demolition crew come in and tear it down.

What a relief to have that load lifted off my mind.

I am going to use the bricks from the house to make a patio in the same spot.

Well back to enjoying life and my tatting.

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