Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nativitey Sets From Around the World and Country

Last week I took a trip to Mepkin Abbey in Monks Corner, South Carolina with members of St Joseph's Church to view the 93 Nativity Sets from around the World and Country.

Here is just a few of the 94 that are on display at the Abbey.  Every year there are different creches.  It was well worth the trip and a must see for everyone.

St. Martins, Iladro porcelain, 2008 bob and Mary Kopchains Collection.

Lisbon, ceramic, 2001 bob and Mary Kopchains Collection.

New Mexico, wood by Sabinita Ortiz (noted Santos carver from Sante Fe NM) 1999 Frances Anderson Collection.

Peru, clay, 1996 Frances Anderson Collection

Spain, Iladro porcelain, 2004 John and Norma Palms Collection.

Mayan (Guatemala) woven fabric, 1995 Frances Anderson Collection

Bolivia, plaster, 2004 Frances Anderson Collection

Mexico, carved wood, 2011 gift to the Mepkin Collection by Nicki Barnes.

Guatemala, knit and woven textiles, 2009 Frances anderson Collection.

Bellagio, Italy, sculptured glass, 2000, Mary Ellen Way collection.

Nigeria, Africa, wood, 2910 gift to the Mepkin collection by Sr. Colleen Watermon.

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  1. These are great photos and a very interesting exhibit! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! The Guatamala and and Bellagio, Italy exhibits are colorful and unique! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!