Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What a Trip

I am back from my religious retreat.  It was awesome and rejuvenated my soul and my body.  I feel like a new woman.  I tatted the whole trip.  I made tatted butterflies and flowers for everyone on the ride to Alabama.  It was so refreshing to sit there and just tat for 6 hours without interruption.....Yeah right!...LOL  There were several people that want to learn to tat.

A lot has been happening since I got home from my trip. My computer crashed and my printer finally died and went some where.  So I now have a whole bunch of gigs and a laser printer that I have been longing for.  I should be good now for another 15 years I hope, it beat buying a new computer, plus I had staples tune up my PC, it was only running at 88% and now its running at 100%.  They found a bunch of registry errors.  I thought I got rid of them, but I guess not....LOL  Then I started having a hidden compile error in word and excel, so they worked their magic on that too.  It was worth the $30.  So now back to tatting.

I received Marilee's new book today from Annie's Attic called Tatted Jewelry.  Marilee you did an awesome job with the layout and pictures.  Now I just have to find time to tat something.  I have another busy day tomorrow and Mass tomorrow night for the all Souls Day and a reception afterwards.  I doubt I will see home before 10:00 p.m.  I am looking forward to rest and relaxation on Thursday and Friday.

Well thats' all I have to say for now, I think I will finish the cross I was tatting from Martha Ess' new book, "Playing With Picots" 

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