Friday, August 05, 2011

A Very Special Gift From Scotty

Finally I can see again, it has been a long week waiting for my eye sight to come back. I spent many days sleeping and listening to good music. Monday the stitches come out, thank God, I am so ready for this to happen.

When I got up this morning to full eye sight, I decided it was a great day for tatting. So I embarked on tatting up Scotties Doily from Mary Maynard's book Tatting a 4 Square Ring.  I am using Lizbeth Thread size 40  Ecru and Victorian red.  Monday my other thread will arrive from Handy Hands and two tatting books I ordered with blurry vision.  I hope I made good choices...LOL

That's all for now until the next round.


  1. I'm so glad you can see again! I like the start to your doily. I know the title of the book, but I'm not sure that I own it. I guess I could make a trip to the sewing room. : )

  2. I'm amazed you're 'up to' tatting with size 40! I would have thought you'd be more comfortable with size 20! This is starting out very nicely!

  3. I am struggling to see size 40 thread believe me.

  4. I'm so glad you can see again. I, too, am amazed you are using size 40 thread, but the doily is looking good.