Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carolina Sunsets

One of the most amazing things living in the south is the spectacular sunsets.  Soon I will not see them like this after they finish building the two story houses across the street.  They are row houses one on top of the other.  Thank God for my acre.
Well no tatting for me right now so I will just have to show you pictures. I had eye surgery on Thursday and have stitches all around my eyes. everything is blurry and swollen.  Looks like I may not get my entries into the fair if my vision does not clear up and my eyes stop burning.  I did get my porch rails installed and my St. Francis garden is just about finished.  I have the weeds to remove from the paths and install the paths.  If my eyes can take the heat I will up load some pictures.  Well back to the dark room to rest and enjoy the rest of the evening listening to some great music.


  1. That is a nice view (-:

    Hope you heal up fast!

  2. Heal well and quickly. Stay healthy and be happy. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

  3. Love the sunset! Take care and heal well.

  4. The eye surgeries were a surprise to read about. Just try to get some rest to let everything heal. That definitely is a beautiful sunset!

  5. Beautiful sunset! I just love those colors.