Monday, August 15, 2011

My Prayer Garden

I tried to take some good pictures of my garden. I tried getting the whole garden in the picture but it is just too big to get in one shot and see all the elements.  It measures 24 ft.x 42 ft.  Well I am done with everything except buying my rocking chairs for the porch.  I will do that next month.  I  need to get my benches for the garden but they will have to wait until I plant the last 4 plants.  I am waiting for them to arrive. I need to rest now.  So its a shower and relaxation until tomorrow.


  1. Your garden is lovely, and I think rocking chairs on the front porch will be the perfect touch!

  2. How lovely! It must be so peaceful to sit and contemplate this beautiful spot.
    Love your adorable gnome couple.