Monday, August 15, 2011

Five More Beauties

What a day, my new custom shades for the living room arrived today and I had to wash the windows in and out before they arrived plus do laundry.  In between all this and cleaning the floors I created 5 new designs on my shuttles.  I keep finding more shuttles so I guess I will never stop creating...LOL  I must say I tried 2 techniques when applying the design to the shuttle.  I find the paper and fabric adhere immediately to an unpainted shuttle vs one that the top has been painted.  I always put a layer of mod podge 1st and you have to act quickly before it dries,  here's where you need to plan your design out 1st.  I used up all my ideas for now so enjoy.


  1. These are SO attractive and creative! They have a folk-art look to them, enhanced by the dots. Glad you're having fun with them!

  2. I LOVE the heart shuttles! I agree with Kathy... they have a wonderful folk art look!