Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Where has the time gone

Where has the time gone, I have been so busy its unreal. I have been working on my sitting garden.  I planted the last of the perimeter plants last week and put up my decorative fencing in front with the address #.  I am designing several new patterns.  I keep thinking I should write a book, but the truth be known, I wrote books and contracts for groups over 5,000 lives for 7.5 years at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of my 25 years there. Now that I am retired I do not want to commit myself to any projects that take more time than I want to give in MY retirement.  So, when the patterns are done I will just post them for everyone to enjoy.

Next week, I will start planting my annuals and perinnials in the inner beds.  This was such a huge project to take on by myself.  I should be done by the end of this year, then I can enjoy tatting in my garden.

My veggie garden is coming along, we have tomatoes, corn, eggplant, cantalopes, yellow and green squash, spinach, peppers, and green beans, I need to plant my fennel and celery yet.

Check out my bluebirds.  They are waiting for their meal worms.


  1. Hello Mary, I think Bluebirds are so cute. We have them here in W PA. Last year we finally got them to nest in the boxes we put out for them. But this year the sparrows have won out again. Maybe I should try putting out the meal worm too. Where do you get this?

  2. I buy my meal worms from Wild Birds unlimited.
    I usually take the sparrows nest out of the box. They are not a protected species.