Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quilt Block

I finally finished my quilt block for the P.T.G. scholarship fund raffle for Tat Days and put it in the mail to Georgia Seitz from the online tatting class.  Now I can get back to my regular tatting and crocheting.

I added my name by sewing it in on my sewing machine. That way everyone knows who made this block.

The tatting elements on the quilt block are from various sources. Mary Konior's  flowerpiece, and bud fragments, the flowers surrounding my name are taken from Meagan's Ring of Posey's coaster design, the pink and white edging I think was designed by Lori Dunlap from PTG, the red hearts edging is a design by Barbara Hevener from PTG, the dragon fly is a design by  Jon Yusoff


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Very pretty, Mary. Did you put your name on it? or is that just to protect your pic?

    This is going to be some fine quilt!
    Katie V
    Creedmoor NC

  2. Your quilt block is lovely! I noticed on other quilt blocks for Georgia they also used a fabric with a spider web. Was it required? I wondered if you tatted a spider for this block? I tried to enlarge the picture, but it wouldn't go any bigger for viewing.