Monday, February 22, 2010

My Faerie Pouch from OWOH

I was so thrilled when I went to the mail box today and saw that my faerie pouch from Leone at
Secret Garden Crazy Quilts
The pouch is absolutely divine.  It measures 5 " wide x 7" long not counting the fringe.  It is in shades of pink and brown.  It is large enough to carry one tatting project at a time in it.  All my shuttles are jumping up and down wanting to be the ones in my faerie pouch.

Leone's work is just beautiful.  My pouch contained a Canadian penny  and one of Leone's handmade cards.  I only won one item from the OWOH giveaway, but it has to be the greatest of all the giveaways in my opinion.

Thank you Leone for a wonderful well crafted gift.


  1. Oh that is gorgeous! You remind me I should go out & get the mail. Have been so tired today but maybe I have a treasure out there! I haven't received any of mine yet so it's likely! 3 of them! will post later.

  2. You are very welcome and I am glad that it went to such a good home and is appreciated so much. It got there very quickly, they said it could take ten days. It must have been the faeries! Happy tatting.

  3. That is really nice! LOVELY! Lucky you! :)

  4. That is a beautiful pouch... congratulations on the win..
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    Cath Ü