Monday, February 08, 2010

Secret Garden Progress

Oh yes! I can't forget the gnomes my son Thomas bought me for Christmas. I know they are anxious to go in the garden.
On January 24th I finished planting 6 azalea bushes, 7 holly bushes and 3 camellia bushes.  I am almost done with the perimeter of my garden.  Where you see the white chair and table there will be a long bench for me to sit and enjoy my tatting.  Our home is off in the background. Our property ends at our wooden fence.  We have a litte over an acre of land.  So this is winter here in South Carolina in the Midlands.


  1. The garden will be beautiful when all the shrubs and plants are blooming!! Do you ever sit outside in the gardens and tat? How peaceful that would be.

  2. That's going to be beautiful. Love the statue...St Francis?? is it carved out of wood??

  3. St. Francis is not wood. It is made out of cement which they used wood stain on him to achieve to wood look. He weighs over 200 Lbs.