Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bowl of Cherries and Flower shuttles

I would say life is just a bowl of cherries today...LOL  I have some others up my sleeve that I need to get working on.   Then I think I will have covered all my basis, maybe...LOL
Some definitely do look like fish.  Well off to creating something new. I only have no more than thirty more shuttles to decorate.  I might as well because its like a sauna outside, looks like more rain is heading our way today.  Until next time have a nice day and happy tatting. 


  1. Ooh! Some more lovely shuttles! I especially like your flower shuttles, and I like that you're decorating pairs. : )

  2. Thank you Diane, now the truth comes out as to how many shuttles I have, and these do not count the wooden ones.

  3. Each one is prettier the the last. It will be a joy to tat with them.