Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Venus Thread Review vs DMC, Lizbeth & Coats and Clark

 After comparing the threads in the picture above, I found the DMC thread to be the most superior when closing rings and making JK, Lizbeth rated 2nd, Coats and Clark 3rd and Venus 4th.  Though the Venus thread is great looking and has the brightest white and the silkest look, I found it the worst for closing rings.  The thread split the easiest and impossible to reopen a ring.  Lizbeth thread was good reopening rings but had a slight drag when closing a ring.
You can see by the JK that the Venus made the worst JK.

For being a size 70 thread it tatted up smaller than the DMC size 80 thread.  Matter of fact, it seems like the DMC thread tatted up the same size as a 60 thread.  overall, in my opinion I would choose the DMC 80 and Lizbeth 80 size thread over the Venus size thread any day.

I am not a proficient tatter with size 60, 70 or 80 size threads, but I do know what worked well and felt great when forming rings. 


  1. Interesting experiment. Thanks for sharing this. Too bad the new thread did not fare very well.
    Fox : )

  2. I have tatted with Venus threads size 40. I agree it splits easily. It is also soft and therefore lacks form when tatted up. I have not tried JKs with it. Thank you for the review comparing it with the other threads.

  3. Thank you for giving us the comparison. I have not tatted with the Venus threads. It does feel soft and that is the reason why I have avoided it. I like my tatting thread to be tight and crisp. That is what I like about the DMC, but not so much the Cebelia because it is of 3-ply. It is a pity that the DMC cordonnet no longer have the different colour choices.

  4. Good information to know. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for doing this comparison and sharing your results.