Friday, February 12, 2010

Norman Jane Eborall's 2010 TIA

Here is my TIA Rooster  from Jane Eborall's 2010 TIA Norman.  I have not worked on Norman's family yet because I was too busy tatting other things.  Its back to tatting for me for the rest of the night.  More than likely, I am going to be sick from going out in the snow to taking pictures.


  1. Hello Icela! Very Handsome Rooster! I do like this color you have used. Is it Lizbeth's new color of green with rose? I see that Handy Hands has some new colors coming in. They are gorgeous!! Happy Tatting!

  2. The color is Lizbeth # 124 Spring Garden

  3. That's a cool rooster!

  4. That is sooooo good... love him.
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