Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Won in the OWOH Giveaway

I won the beautiful fairy pouch from Natures Brush Strokes
Designed by Leone.  The Faerie Pouch is so beautiful, it is made with all the colors I love and even has silk flower embroidery on it.  Its coming from Canada so it has a long journey ahead, until then I can admire it everyday.  All my shuttles are fighting over who is going to reside in the Faerie Pouch.
I couldn't wait until I received my Faerie Pouch before I bragged about it, I am so excited I won it for several reasons. 
1. It is coming from Canada where the Olympics is being held.
2. My niece's boyfriend comes from Canada and they own a Doggie Day Care there.
3. My husband's maternal grandparents are French Canadian and came from the Quebec area..
4. My husbands grandfather's mother was a Canadian Indian from the Quebec area.We do not know  which tribe she came from, since all the elders in his family died when he was a child and no one kept any records.
5. They were all lacemakers in their family too. My mother-in-law did tatting and my husband's grandmother did tatting and crochet.


  1. Ohhh congrats...that is an awesome gift!!!!


  2. Oooh..I love that one! I've won some prizes too. Will blog about them when I get them.

  3. Congratulations on winning. This is a Beautiful little bag!!

  4. Well, it sounds like this was just meant to be! Congratulations - its a beautiful treasure!