Friday, October 23, 2009

Tatted Necklace

I just finished tatting up another of Jan Stawasz's designs from his book Tatting.

All my tatting is done in front side/back side tatting.
Instead of tatting it in size 10 thread I used Manuela size 20 thread in green. You do have to compensate by making more rings in the design. I made 21 rings before working on the 7 front designs. I could eliminate 3 rings on either side and still have a comfortable lenght. 3 rings w/beads = 1 inch or 15mm.

The 1st ring and last ring I did a SCMR so I could throw off a small ring for the clasp. I could eliminate SCMR and use a chain and ring instead. The necklace measures 19.25 inches or 49cm.


  1. Gorgeous! And great use of the SCMR!
    Fox : )

  2. That necklace is lovely, Icela! I love the beautiful way you have it displayed!

  3. Gorgeous work and lovely colour choice!

  4. Beautiful work!!

  5. You are good.... very good.. I didn't know these beautiful things could be made with Tatting....
    Caths Blog

    Cath Ü