Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tiny Round Teapot

I just finished tatting Martha Ess' Tiny Round Teapot. It was a good way to use up left over thread. It only measures 1 1/4 inches high by
1 3/8 inches wide.


  1. That is cute! I haven't tatted this little one, yet! :)

  2. That is an adorable teapot! I really must get my book out and try one!

  3. I just finished tatting Martha Ess' Tiny Round Teapot too. As it turns out, we both chose to use variegated threads, though yours is much more colorful than mine.

    Yours turned out great! Have you made any more? They're just so cute once I finished one I wanted to make more.

    Do drop by my tatting blog to see how my Tiny Round Teapot turned out, if you have the time. I also "host" Tatting Tea Tuesday each week if you'd like to join in the fun.