Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February is Heart Month

Well with all the work going on around here I have not had time to re tat my heart patterns for posting. On top of it I designed another heart pattern tonight. This must make the 15th one. I will never get them all done it seems....LOL I have 2 hang ups in life. Hearts and butterflies. When I design a pattern I like to see how many ways I can change the pattern to create a new one by just adding beads or changing from rings to just joining in a picot. Some days I just sit in my craft room and doodle between watching my birds feeding. It is one of the ways I created new designs.

Once the house is moved. I will be busy building my mini park for my birds and a sitting area for me to enjoy them while looking to the back 1/2 of my acre at my azaleas, dogwood and fig tree in bloom. Not to mention I am going to plant a veggie garden this spring. In about 2 weeks, I will till the soil for my garden.

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