Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Secret Santa

Well I know who my secret santa was, Its' Sherry T. I knew it the moment I saw my Christmas ornament. When Sherry posted the ornament on her blog, I sat there for an hour starring at it wishing I had an ornament like it. I thought it was the most beautiful ornament I ever saw. Little did I know I was going to own it. I also received a bunch of little ornaments and a clear star to do tatting on. I guess I will now have to design my own pattern for the ornaments. The mint white chocolate is just devine. They hit the spot. The nail polish looks great on my toes....LOL

It seems like all my wishes came true this year. It was wonderful having someone else cook Christmas dinner. I have been doing it for 39 years. Its' time for me to have someone else do the honors of preparing dinner for a change. I can get use to this very quickly.

I was not allowed in the kitchen at all. Matter of fact I was thrown out of the kitchen and told to go enjoy my grandchildren. I did not have a problem with that at all.

It was wonderful finally to arrive home after a long day and evening with all of the family.

I am looking forward to January it is a fun packed month for us. The day after New Years is my birthday and seven days later our 40th wedding anniversary, 16 days later is John's birthday.


  1. It looks as if Sherry did a good job for you. Congratulations to you! I'm glad you had a good Christmas and that you didn't have to cook. After 39 years, that sounds only fair! Enjoy your January celebrations.

  2. Lucky you! It sounds like your Christmas was wonderful, and your January sounds like it will be packed with memorable moments.