Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas tree design by Maus

Here is tree # 2 tatted in Omega #30 thread, color # 1380. The tree did not take me long to tat. The 1st 3 rounds I had done within a couple of hrs.

Well back to tatting tree #3 in different shades only this time I am going to extend the beads to round 4.

Later Gator


  1. I love both of the trees. I might have to try that when I run out of snowflake material!

  2. Thank you tattycat. For some reason this tree Lights my fire...LOL This is a must do for Christmas.

  3. Lovely trees :)
    I do have to find my original, never had a problem with something being wrong, hmmmmm.


  4. Maus,
    There is nothing wrong with your tree except the tatter making the tree....LOL I love this tree. I have never wanted to tat a christmas tree until I saw this pattern.