Sunday, June 28, 2009

Split Ring Flowering Fall Lanyard

I just finished my flowering fall Lanyard. It measures 31 inches long when finished. I started off with a small ring to hold the link and then I continued with flowers, butterflies leaves and chains in different combinations joining them to each other as I went along. There is no pattern it is just a free flowing piece as you wish it to be.
I used 2 shuttles with size 20 Libeth thread color # 121 and color # 683 for the chains and leaves.
The 1st ring is 8ds
The flowers, leaves and butter flies have 3-4-4-3
The chains are 8-8
The split rings are 7-7

Once I finished my flowering part, I proceeded into the split rings. When I felt it long enough I proceeded with the last part of flowering part and ended with a small ring of 8ds.


  1. That is just soooooo beautiful!! I love it!!!

  2. it's gorgeous! are you going to wear it?

  3. Wow Mary,
    This is the prettiest lanyard I have ever seen!

  4. Your lanyard is very pretty, Love your design. What will you use the Lanyard for?

  5. Beautiful! It's definitely looks like Fall, my favorite time of the year! Thank you for sharing! :O)